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SolarReviews has verified consumer reviews of almost every solar company nationally. We use both software and manual checks to ensure you only see reviews from real customers. Our checks weed out fake reviews written by the companies themselves, as well as false negative reviews written by their competitors.

Expert ratings of solar installers

Consumer reviews alone don’t reliably measure the quality of a company. Many installers offer incentives for positive reviews, drowning out negative reviews and inflating their review score. To counter this – and provide consumers a rigorous, data-based assessment – we have developed an expert rating score for solar installers based on several ranking factors.

Expert ratings of manufacturers

When it comes to solar panel equipment, reviews are of limited value. Consumers leave reviews immediately after their solar system is installed, but the panels last for 25 years or more. To provide a more comprehensive view, we have designed an expert rating system for solar manufacturers based on select key criteria.

Online cost and savings calculator

We have developed the most accurate online solar panel cost and savings calculator that shows consumers exactly how many solar panels they need, as well as average local prices for a system of that size, estimated savings, and their payback period.

Unfiltered reviews

We refuse to allow any solar company to pay us to hide bad reviews. These same companies often say other reviews websites have allowed them to do so, but we won’t stand for these untrustworthy practices.

The best solar companies

SolarReviews is committed to ensuring that unscrupulous business operators don’t give the solar industry a bad name. If you decide to seek quotes through our site, we will only connect you with pre-screened solar installers that we trust.

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Read honest, professional opinions, backed up by the latest industry data, from our in-house solar experts.

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See what verified customers say about each of your local solar companies before you make a purchase.

The best balance of privacy and price competition

You do not need to provide any personal information to see an accurate solar panel cost and savings estimate on SolarReviews. After seeing the estimate, you can request bids from installers with the option to choose as few as one, or as many as four. No other solar marketplace gives you this choice.

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Our scoring methodology rates solar manufacturing companies on technical factors that are unlikely to be considered in customer reviews, offering consumers valuable insight into the actual quality of a solar brand.

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Expert rating scores for solar panel installers

We have developed an installer rating system that offers insight beyond what’s available in other public sources of information. Consumers can use our scores to choose the right solar installer for their exact needs.

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Background checks

Brand quality

License & insurance

Vertical integration



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SolarReviews awarded one of America's fastest-growing private companies, twice!

168体彩在线开奖网 was recognized as one of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies in 2020, 2021, and 2022! This is a testament to the important role that 澳洲5官方开奖现场直播|官网查询开奖结果记录、开奖历史查询 has played in the development of the residential and small-scale commercial solar industries over the last eight years. If you look at just the media sub-segment of this competition, SolarReviews was the 9th fastest-growing media company in 2020.

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SolarReviews has curated an Editorial Advisory Committee as part of the commitment to our quality solar initiative.

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澳洲5分钟开奖官方网-历史开奖记录 partners with around 800 solar companies, most of which are local and family-owned. We do not earn commission on sales, although we do receive a small referral fee if you request a quote from any of our partner installers.

开奖结果2023直播-在线开奖现场 know that they have to be competitive when bidding on referrals from 澳洲幸运5注册平台官方开奖查询. This price competition and our rigorous process to select solar companies to partner with makes SolarReviews the best place to shop for solar panels.

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Our editorial team and solar journalists have over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry. That's a lot for an industry that is only 15 years old. Our experts have passion, insight and, more importantly, fierce editorial independence. The content side of our business is completely removed from the commercial activities. Our content team is based in New Jersey, Oregon and Australia, while our commercial team works out of Denver and San Francisco.

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May 8, 2023

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Solar panels can add value to the sale of a home, but if they are paid for with a lease, they might actually devalue your home.